Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Love of Lotion

My lovely friend Sara picked me up a pot of this heavenly-scented cream at a fair last month. (Well, I told you she was lovely!) I have a lot of hand cream. My hands are always dry and I seem to try a new one, fall in love, then get distracted halfway through and start in on another one. This one, however, I have gone through with abandon and am now scraping the last bits out of the recesses of the jar with the back of my fingernail -- and that is about as good a recommendation as I can make!

Caurnie Organic Herb Garden's Calendula Lotion

It has a light-as-a-feather citrus smell which contrasts with its thick, rich feel. It sinks in quickly, though, which is my personal benchmark for a good hand cream -- closely followed by how soon I need to reapply it. (Not for ages, in this instance, I am happy to report.) It is not currently listed on their website, so I must sign off now and go and ring them!

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