Monday, 11 November 2013

Georgette Heyer

I absolutely love Georgette Heyer. I was introduced to her a few years ago by one of my dearest and most erudite friends (and fellow bookworm), Jane, who told me most emphatically that I must read her, and I always, always read whatever Jane tells me to for she is never wrong! In fact, she was shocked that I wasn't already a fellow fan. (Shh, don't tell her, but I had never even heard of Georgette Heyer at that point and when I perused a few of her books at the bookstore I could not fathom what all the fuss was about!)

However, from the very first paragraph of Lady of Quality I was hooked. I finished one chapter and was unable to stop myself from starting the next. The truth is they are the most guilty pleasure: a feisty damsel and a roguish anti-hero, whom you know from the outset will end up together, but the journey to get there is not to be missed. Heyer excels at pacing and is the high mistress of linguistic sparring, and I love all the Regency details; rather bizarrely, as its not "my era" at all.

I really cannot beseech you strongly enough to indulge in one of her stories — any of them! Most recently, I was kept up late at night by These Old Shades, which is as good a starting point as any. All of her books are tremendously well-observed, sharply witty and desperately romantic. The perfect antidote to almost any of life's maladies. When you are in the mood, there's really nothing better. As India Knight says, "They are triumphantly good!" Indeed they are!

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