Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Little Rituals: The Bookstore

I have a little ritual that I didn't know I had until today! I realized this morning that whenever the kids have been home for one of the longer school holidays, I always treat myself to a nice, long, solo visit to a bookshop as soon as they go back.

And so it was that I found myself this morning at Daunt's, a proper, old-fashioned-style bookseller: wooden floors populated with judiciously-spaced display tables tempting me with the latest offerings, a hushed atmosphere to soothe my post-school holiday nerves and no one requiring a thing from me. Bliss! I stayed about 45 minutes, perusing the new fiction titles, lusting after several mouthwatering, new cookbooks, taking a peek in the children's department... all serving a different part of my soul and bringing me back into a calm, personal space that I have not occupied for many weeks.

I found three books that spoke to me today (can you see the theme here, ha?!) and so I treated myself to them. They are sitting next to me as I type and I find their presence reassuring. I have not lost myself entirely, I was just temporarily detained. Do you have any soothing rituals that you employ to bring yourself back into the fold?

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