Friday, 25 October 2013


We are lucky enough to have a "man on the inside" at TCHO, award-winning New American Chocolate makers. This is amazing bean-to-bar stuff with an incredible team of creative chocolate fanatics behind it and impressive ethical credentials to boot. These guys really, really love what they do... and it shows.

They have just launched a new range called TCHOPairings (front three in picture below), which we recently received and devoured. The Strawberry Rhubarb Pie being my particular favourite! If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself with a free hour or two in San Francisco, do head over to Pier 17 and take a tour of the factory. It's fascinating and has a delicious gift shop you won't be able to resist!

Another treat that ended up in my possession was a bag of Baking Drops. Shortly thereafter, while I was pondering what to do with these tasty little morsels, I came across a recipe for chocolate nut clusters and that put paid to my pondering! They are supremely simple to make and the results are impressive, even gift-worthy... bookmark this one for Christmas!

Sadly, TCHO is not yet widely available in the UK, although I've heard that paul.a.young have started to import it. It appears to sell out quickly, though, so you might want to call ahead before making a trip. You can, of course, use any chocolate you like for your clusters. You could also use a variety and then package them up together for a nice visual effect. Or you could just do what I did and eat them all yourself while feeling virtuous with each bite. What? Nuts are good for you!

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