Monday, 29 July 2013


I grew up in the era when ChapStick was king. It was waxy, yes, but the flavours so delicious to my eight-year-old tastebuds that I spent many happy hours licking my favourite cola-flavoured one off my lips, no doubt making them much more chapped than they otherwise would have been! Then we became tweens and graduated on to big, fat tubes of Bonnie Bell Lipsmackers, which is fine when you are twelve, but I am a grown-up now. In the intervening years, my obsession with finding the perfect lip balm has seen me go through everything I could get my hands on, but I had never really found "the one"...until now: Hurraw!

Not totally sold on the name, but the balms are divine! These lip balms must be made by real kindred spirits as the packaging, the texture and the flavours are exactly what I would have made for myself if I possessed such skills. Safe in the knowledge that all the ingredients used are organic, vegan and raw, I am currently eating my way through the black cherry -- a nostalgic childhood favourite flavour of mine -- but my first love was vanilla bean.

They go on smooth and creamy and stay put (even with judicious licking!), and for an all-natural product, the balms are incredibly stable, even in extreme heat. These really are worth searching out! I have my eye on the grapefruit next or maybe cinnamon or perhaps even root beer...! With flavours ranging from chocolate to lime to earl grey, which one will you choose?

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