Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Minette's Feast

Minette's Feast by Susanna Reich is based on the true story of Julia Child 
and the "poussiequette" she and her husband Paul adopted while living in Paris. It is my favourite kind of picture book: full of lavish, painterly illustrations to pore over alongside a story pitched at just the right level to appeal to children of all ages as well as any adults roped in to read aloud...
and this is a great book to read aloud. Reich has used short runs of lyrical 
text and repeating phrases to just the right degree, making it as fun to listen 
to as to read.

There are French expressions sprinkled throughout the book and all of 
the snippets of dialogue are taken from Julia and Paul's actual letters to 
each other. I love that detail! There is a short biography of Julia Child in 
the back that really makes the book come to life and makes me want to 
watch Julie and Julia all over again!!

The beautiful illustrations were created by Amy Bates using pencil and watercolour and there is a fantastic sequence, worth the cost of the whole book alone, that shows Minette joyfully attacking a bone. This is an endearing, engaging keeper...or a great gift!

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