Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Night Circus

As the sun continues to shine and holidays in foreign climes approach, my mind has turned to what to read. Of course, everyone has a different take on what constitutes the perfect "summer read" and I can only recommend what does it for me. I find that the topic/genre is less important than the writing itself. I want a book that totally grips me and transports me into another world; so total escapism, basically, and that can come in many forms. I will try to post some of my favourites from the last year over the next few weeks in the hope that you might find something just right to tuck into your carry-on! In the meantime, I give you The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

This is one of those magical books where the author has managed to create such a complete and believable world that it is hard to re-enter your own each time you put the book down. It is immeasurably beautiful and Morgenstern has cleverly tempered it with darkness to give it an authentic feel. On one level the premise is cruel, but the players have imbued the game with love and so the whole thing is elevated. It is based on illusion and the belief that it is real and possible -- one of my favourite concepts, as it is something I truly believe. I think it is something that we are coming closer to all the time and this is both a love song and a cautionary tale. I defy you not to be enchanted. Finishing it left me bereft. It is a book I want to buy for everyone I love and give as a true gift.

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