Friday, 30 August 2013

Cookbook Junkie

Have I told you that I am a complete cookbook junkie? I have scores of them and, contrary to what you might be thinking, I do actually use them! I use them to cook from, sure, but I also use them for inspiration, for comfort, for armchair travel, for learning a whole new language.... They are multi-purpose and well-thumbed.

When I am tired, I loathe cooking; when I am not, it's a joy. I will happily trawl for hours, compiling a stack of new recipes and then set off ambitiously at the start of the week. I usually fade by Wednesday, but by then we've had a little variety, tried something new and if we've been lucky, found a new favourite.

Tell me, how do you keep from dying of boredom in the kitchen? Any favourite cookbooks I should know about? I'll post reviews of some of mine (with tried and tested recipes) as and when they take prominence in my kitchen.

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