Friday, 16 August 2013

Fab Find: Santaverde

Santaverde is my top, new, sing-it-from-the-rooftops beauty discovery. This brand is amazing. The not-so-secret miracle ingredient here is pure, organic aloe vera juice, which they use instead of water. This little stroke of genius keeps the skin's moisture levels perfectly balanced, helps regenerate skin cells and is high in anti-ageing antioxidants, all of which adds up to very youthful-looking skin.

The gel is light and non-sticky, and a little goes a long way: a perfect base under any moisturizer or can be used on its own. The cream is also light, but super rich and goes on beautifully. It has an immediate softening effect that you can actually see, but the best thing...? It has a distinct (but very subtle) smell of key lime pie: my favourite! What a joy in the morning to be transported to a little cafe in sunny Florida where my grandmother and I had just declared a winner in our week-long search for the best key lime pie in Naples!

I started my happy odyssey through this line with the cleansing gel (not pictured), which contains apple juice as well as the aloe and I still use it every morning. It feels like a mask, but cleanses very gently. (I use mine in the shower.) I have used these three products now through all four seasons and can report that they work equally well in a hot, humid summer as they do in a grim and protracted winter. They really are worth singing from the rooftops about!


  1. Key Lime Pie - NOW you have my attention! My grandmother made the best from fresh limes picked from the tree in her backyard. I have never forgotten the taste or her. Thank you for not only providing such great detail on this product but for also reminding me of something so special in my life. Now off to "pick" some Santaverde. Yumm.

    1. Well, you are very welcome! Glad it brought back happy memories!