Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Well, hello there! No posts last week as we escaped to the magnificent Loire Valley in France for a well-deserved break from urbanity, but now we are back and I have that "back to school" feeling. I am feeling excited about new projects, new possibilities and new adventures. However, my kids don't go back to school for another two weeks! Two weeks! And it is at this point in the school holidays that I need something light and funny and India Knight's Mutton did not disappoint. I read an interview with her online where she said her intention was for people to "honk" (her word!) with laughter when they read it and, reader, I did -- sometimes so hard that I had to stop reading while I regained my composure.

Her inner observations of life, family, friends, ageing and shopping are all so instantly recognisable that it's like sitting with a wildly gossipy old friend, but one that's just a few years ahead of you. It's chaotic and outrageous, but still believable and you kind of want to be her and then maybe you really don't!

If you haven't been introduced to India Knight's "family", then you might want to check out My Life on a Plate and Comfort and Joy first. If not, this one certainly stands on its own. India Knight is one of my all-time favourite writers and I hope this entices you to check her out. She also writes a weekly column for The Sunday Times if you want a little taster!

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